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VOD and Middleware Software


Through our direction and management, a program that was taking over one year and faltering, took less than three months to complete. Over 110 unique feature stories were written globally, along with 30+ positive analyst reports and over 256 global leads were generated. Total number of media impressions exceeded one million with the split one-third print and two-thirds online publications.


The campaign pushed Kasenna's brand to the #2 position just behind Microsoft, and pushed their VOD product to the #3 position globally.

The more things change,
     the more they stay the same.

With the introduction of the Internet and electronic
marketing, Global communications becomes
automatic. Where large enterprises and
organizations once were the only ones who could
hurdle the boundaries set by costly Global
marketing; now entrepreneurs, start-ups and small
to medium businesses can jump those hurdles
with ease. But there is a catch. Good branding,
messaging and strategy are mandatory to achieving
success. We can help.

Working with Allan has been a pleasure. His ability to take our one million subscribers benchmark test and blast it worldwide as well as the amount of media and analyst coverage received has been remarkable. Most impressive was his ability to work with a diverse team of partners in helping to organize this large scale global marketing campaign, which pushed Intel and HP to the forefront of IPTV.

Michael Wristley, Director Partner Relations - Intel Inc. - Channel partner for Kasenna