allan linden bio


Global Marketing Professional

A results-oriented professional with over 20 plus years of global marketing experience offering a wealth of knowledge in marketing; public relations; sales and management. Decisive and goal-oriented, able to set realistic priorities to coordinate and complete multiple complex projects simultaneously. Demonstrated ability to adapt readily to new situations while maintaining superior levels of customer service. Broad-based exposure to all aspects of information technology with proven strengths in devising and implementing multi-media campaigns. Creating award-winning advertising promotions, and website development/marketing. A proactive leadership style, which instills confidence in customers, peers and staff.


Expertise includes B2B and B2C: HIGH TECH includes - software, software as a service, hardware, networking, enterprise sales, VOIP, IPTV, VOD, Broadband, DAM, Internet eCommerce, Routers, Servers, Security, WAN, LAN, and WAN Optimization. MEDICAL includes - Laser, surgical, pharmaceutical.


Clients or past employers:


Agency Work:

J. Walter Thompson

Dole, Dane and Bernbach

Linden & Associates

Communications Specialists



Transparent Video Systems (TVS)


Kasenna Inc.


Accelar Inc.

Kineto Wireless

PG & E


Kineto Wireless

Foundry Networks

Occam Networks

AccessLan Communications


Heraeus Medical Systems

Dey Laboratories

National Semiconductor

Monolithic Memories

Fairchild Semiconductor

Gould Ocean Systems

D-BAM (Digital Brand Asset Management, Inc)

Digital Research