green marketing


Green Marketing Starts with You!

We've inherited some good things from our marketing forefathers and at the same time some not so good things. Over packaging, wasteful practices of one-time use product or direct marketing tools... our landfills are full of marketing ideas gone crazy!


My pet peeve is water bottles. A recent story from one of my clients was a step in the right direction and let me share it with you now.
The company is a multi-billion dollar global technology

company here in Silicon Valley. This past August 2008,
they held a Global sales meeting for 400 of their
team. The Marketing Director decided to go
"Green" for the meeting and eliminated the
bottled water from the meeting. Yes, over
the next 4 days, just a pitcher of water
and clean glasses were made available
for the team. Result - $11,000 savings to
the company and 6400 less plastic bottles
hit the landfill.


Going Green isn't hard. It starts with just one person... you! If you'd like to discuss ways to help your company call us, we really do want to help you and the world we live in.