I'm often amazed by the quantity and shear mass of newsletter marketing. I believe there are two types of people that subscribe to an eNewsletter, the first is the "collector". Doesn't really read the newsletters signed up for, but rather does it to enjoy just getting someone to fill their mail box.


The second type of person who signs up for a newsletter really does read what is sent to them. They are the person who seeks to be enlightened by innovative approaches, learn about new technology and is the type of person who strives to always be at the front of the learning curve.


If you are the second, please do sign up.
Our promise is very clear... we won't send
you fluff. We will send you information
you can use and put to use. We may or
may not mail you something every month,
because if we don't have anything pertinent
to say, something that will help you in your
everyday work, something that will help
your marketing efforts, and something that
will help promote your company... we won't
contact you. Is that fair enough? If yes,
take a second and sign up now.

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