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Allan Linden Global Marketing Consultants
is a company founded on the reality of
what has happened over the years here
in Silicon Valley. Simply, there are no Global
marketing agencies left. When I went to find
an agency to work with a client, I realized
there wasn't one to be found. Sure,
plenty of small local companies, both for
marketing and public relations, but not a one for Global marketing. One or two large agencies that say they have Global reach exist, but at a huge price. That generated the idea that through the collective experience of myself and many trusted colleagues vendors and contacts worldwide, it was time to fill the need with an agency that can be responsive, effective and deliver results.


I'm often asked, "What are you known for?" The answer is simple and one that we live by. We believe in bringing "Clarity of Mission and Excellence in Execution" to each project. Marketing executives who consistently meet or exceed revenue/profit goals are critical to a company's success, and those who deliver at a multi-million dollar level year after year are even more valuable. As one of the latter, we believe that our marketing and Marcom credentials can be of considerable benefit to your firm or someone you know. Pass our information along or better yet, call now. It's a FREE call and one that I'm sure you will benefit from. Call now: 408.274.2663 and ask for Allan. eMail CONNECT@allanlinden.com

Global Marketing Professional


Allan Linden is a results-oriented professional with over 20 plus years of global marketing experience offering a wealth of knowledge in marketing; public relations; sales and management. Decisive and goal-oriented, able to set realistic priorities to coordinate and complete multiple complex projects simultaneously. Demonstrated ability to adapt readily to new situations while maintaining superior levels of customer service. Broad-based exposure to all aspects of information technology with proven strengths in devising and implementing multi-media campaigns. Creating award-winning advertising promotions, and website development/marketing. A proactive leadership style, which instills confidence in customers, peers and staff.


Expertise includes B2B and B2C: HIGH TECH includes - software, software as a service, hardware, networking, enterprise sales, VOIP, IPTV, VOD, Broadband, DAM, Internet eCommerce, Routers, Servers, Security, WAN, LAN, and WAN Optimization. MEDICAL includes - Laser, surgical, pharmaceutical.


Clients or past employers:


Agency Work:

J. Walter Thompson

Doyle, Dane and Bernbach

Linden & Associates

Communications Specialists



Transparent Video Systems (TVS)


Kasenna Inc.


Accelar Inc.

Kineto Wireless

PG & E


Kineto Wireless

Foundry Networks

Occam Networks

AccessLan Communications


Heraeus Medical Systems

Dey Laboratories

National Semiconductor

Monolithic Memories

Fairchild Semiconductor

Gould Ocean Systems

D-BAM (Digital Brand Asset Management, Inc)

Digital Research