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Over my career I have helped to
successfully launch over 100
products/services and almost as many
companies. I'd love to take all of the credit,
but in reality the SOAR successes illustrated
below were a combination of
cross-functional team support, Global
vendor implementation and the winning
mix of timing, leadership and luck.
I hope you enjoy these stories and
welcome your comments.

- Allan Linden "Clarity of Mission,

Excellence in Execution"


Lead Generation

Packeteer - Triage Marketing to the Rescue


Internet and eCommerce

D-BAM - Software as a Service DAM

Accelar Inc - eCommerce Portal for Group Charter Industry

Packeteer - Re-branding with a Global Look

Foundry Networks - Re-branding with a Global Look


Branding and Messaging

Kasenna Inc - Global Branding Positioning with HP & Intel

Accelar Inc - Market Segmentation, Messaging and Brand

D-BAM - Global Branding and Messaging for DAM


Product Launches

Foundry Networks - Global Launch for 10 Gig Switch

Kineto Wireless - Global Launch for Company & Product

AccessLan Comm. - Global Launch for Company & Product

Fiberstars - North American Product Launch Fiber Optics

Heraeus Medical Instrumentation - Product Launch Lasers


Multi Media Campaigns

Kineto Wireless - Global Branding and Messaging

AccessLan Comm. - North American Launch