What People Are Saying:


Michael Moon, CEO, GISTICS
- Recognized industry thought leader and author of interactive branding book "Firebrands"

"Allan really gets how marketing must become more operational and automated, using a digital services platform by which to provision new internal services and external brand-interactions. He also really, really understands how marketing operations work, how to on-board and socialize new ways of working, and execute a strategic sourcing strategy within a global marketing supply chain. Oh yeah, he's got great creative chops and mastery of the traditional Marcom channels."



Doug Hilmes, Executive Vice President of Sales - Kasenna Inc.
- Past client/employer at Kasenna Inc

"Allan has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company, and his ability to brand, message and position Kasenna as an innovator in the industry has been remarkable. He is without a doubt the best marketing person I've worked with in the industry."



Steve Curran, Executive Vice President of Sales - ViewNow
- Past client/employer at Kasenna Inc, ViewNow is a subsidiary company

"I've really enjoyed working with Allan and appreciated both his marketing and public relations strategies in helping to position ViewNow as a leader in the IPTV marketplace. He really knows his stuff and I highly recommend him."



Dave Eckard, Sr. Product Manager - Kasenna Inc.
- Co-worker and colleague

"It has been my pleasure to work with Allan at two pre-IPO, high-tech companies; Kasenna and AccessLan. He consistently created marketing campaigns, messaging and branding for these companies and their products that outpaced the competition in both market presence and awareness. He is extremely creative, effective and capable of running multiple campaigns, events and launches simultaneously and with aggressive budgets and limited staff. Allan's professional, positive and driven style helped to enlist the cooperation of numerous, worldwide partners to jointly host public events. I highly recommend Allan to any company eager to build a professional, aggressive and innovative marketing program. With luck, I'll have the opportunity to work with Allan again."



Kumar Shah, Private Investor
- Past employer at Kasenna Inc, AccessLan and Occam Networks

"Al is one of the most creative marketing people I've worked with in my 25 years in the business. He was able to take a small start-up company, and with little budget, successfully launch the company brand into a leadership position. He was one of the main reasons for the marketing success of the company."



Ross Perich, Vice President - Trainer Communications
- Past vendor at Kasenna Inc

"It's been really fun and exciting working with Allan on the Kasenna account. Right from the start he proved himself a veteran marketing professional; adding his innovation and global marketing savvy to the project made their latest global campaign with HP and Intel one of the most successful in the agency's history."



Jaggi Ayyanger, President & CIO- Accelar Inc.
- Current Client

"Allan has provided excellent consul for my startup internet software company. His experience and expertise has set the marketing foundation and success of our company moving forward. He has earned the respect of both our team and our clients."



Thomas Herbst, President- Herbst Associates.
- Past vendor at Kasenna Inc. and Foundry Networks

"Allan is always a pleasure to work with.He is extremely innovative and professional and brings a broad wealth of global marketing experience, which makes my job in PR so much easier. He once again proved his value as he coordinated a brilliant global PR campaign with two major companies (HP and Intel) for the one million subscriber benchmark test and white paper - which has propelled Kasenna to the top of the charts. One of the best marketing people I've worked with yet."



Michael Wristley, Director Partner Relations - Intel Inc.
- Channel partner for Kasenna

"Working with Allan has been a pleasure. His ability to take our one million subscribers benchmark test and blast it worldwide as well as the amount of media and analyst coverage received has been remarkable. Most impressive was his ability to work with a diverse team of partners in helping to organize this large scale global marketing campaign, which pushed Intel and HP to the forefront of IPTV."



Alan Menezes, Vice President - Packeteer
- Past employer (AccessLan) and client (T3plus/OnStream Networks/Packeteer)

"Al is an excellent example of someone who is at the top of his field. A great marketer, with vision and the ability to handle tough situations with ease and finesse."



Ken Cheng, Vice President - Foundry Networks
- Past employer (Foundry Networks)

"Allan accomplished a number of business critical objectives, and established himself as an excellent manager. Al was able to work seamlessly with all levels of management, and was especially effective working with country managers and international vendors."



Ken Marineau, Senior Partner - Corporate Development Partners
- Past client

"Al is a very creative, resourceful and cost conscious marketing professional. The campaign he developed for us was the best ever - great response from our target audience; exceeded our objectives!"



Crispin Manners, President - Kaizo
- Vendor / International

"When I first meet Al, he came across as a marketing professional who understood the nuances of international marketing. After working with him for awhile, he proved to me he really knew how to tailor programs to specific markets, and at the same time, generate a lot of successful events in a short period of time."



Terry Connor, Director - Conner Communications
- Vendor / International

"Bloody brilliant chap! The program and subsequent events he planned for Foundry Networks were some of the best I've been involved with.  A good guy and great marketing guru."



Maus Sterns, President/Owner - Great Impressions Plus
- Vendor

"I've known Al for over 20 years and without a doubt he is one of the finest marketing professionals in the business. He knows his stuff and consistently has developed the most creative printed material I've had the pleasure to work on."